Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beat the Blues

Updated on 8-9-18

Tension is inseparable from our lives today.A fast-paced life keeps everyone on edge.Super ambitions and tough competition give scarce time to relax.No one likes to live with tensions but there is no dearth of precipitating factors.Slowly, in addition to destroying our peace of mind,stress damages our physical health too.However,we can contain the damage by modifying our attitude and response toward stressors which impact us.

1) The very first mantra for avoiding tension is to nail down it's root cause and find the solution in a RATIONAL manner.Whenever a crisis looms up it is natural to worry how it will affect our lives.This gives rise to all sorts of fears which increase our despondence and cloud our thinking;thereby suppressing our problem solving skills.Therefore whenever faced with a problem, use your thinking power and shun the emotions.

2) An important requirement for a tension-free life is ACCEPTANCE. Whenever you come across a person or a situation which you don't like but can't change; take it in your stride.Find ways of working around it. Do not obsess about it or fight it endlessly & uselessly.You cannot change what has happened,you will only tire yourself out.

3) Another important attribute which helps to avoid tension is FLEXIBILITY.Life will not always proceed along a road map laid by you.Some wishes will be fulfilled while some others will be thwarted.You may be denied a goal you had set your heart upon or a beautiful arrangement may come crashing down.This happens to many--you are not the sole sufferer.Change along with changing conditions.Do not pine for what was,it has gone for ever..Flexibility implies setting a new goal if the old one is inaccessible.If you don't get what you like ,then it is best to like what you get. 

4) It is not the events per se, but our reactions to them which generate tension.A healthy attitude towards life,reasonable expectations and faith that no matter what happens,you will be able to extract some good out of it;keeps tensions at a low ebb.Positive thinking introduces a touch of balance to a tumultuous mind.It instills hope & assuages tension.Even unpalatable events can turn out to be beneficial in the long run.

5) Look at the TOTAL PICTURE of your life. Do not concentrate on the dark & dreary aspects only.Do you have a sound body,sharp brain,supportive family, friends,a roof over your head,the basic amenities of life,a good education or professional qualification & a job to sustain you?You may not have all of this,but even a healthy body or a supportive family is not bad to start with.Think about the brighter side & do not sweat over paltry irritations.Look at those who are worse off than you.

6)FIX REASONABLE TARGETS which are in tandem with your intellectual,physical and emotional quotient.A major cause of tension is striving for what is physically or mentally impossible.Each person is endowed with unique gifts--running after the herd compels you to undertake what you are not designed for;and invites frustration. 

7) CONTENTMENT goes a long way to curbing tension.If for some reason ,you are not able to reach the pinnacle of your ambition, appreciate & enjoy what you have.

8)COMPETITION is productive only up to a certain point--after that it becomes taxing and frustrating.

9)Say NO to what you cannot handle.Don't heap too much on your plate.


I am sure if you try to inculcate the above habits you will feel more relaxed and tension-free.When agitated because of a tough situation,tell yourself 'This too shall pass',and you will feel lighter.


  1. yeah i feel those two points - being a little flexible and taking one day at a time - really works
    though i have never exercised in my life, from what i hear & see from Sathya's face after a jog, it helps greatly.
    gardening - aah! now that one i love. good tip :)
    good post Indu

  2. thanx Sujatha...your comments are so meaningful .


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