Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Good Old Days

Is there any specific age at which one begins to reminisce about the good old days?I don't know.I only know that I often dive into the good old days.Not that I have any complaints about my life today.But there are certain phases of life which appear to me to have been just perfect-full of joy de vivre.

We all have good and bad stretches in life.When we are dissatisfied with a certain component of our lives we slip back into an era which we believe was idyllic in every way.But is it really possible?Can life ever be so utopian as to not have a single jarring note?If we dig deeper we will realize that those days too had their own pin-pricks and rifts but we skim over those unpleasant episodes.

Why do we do it?A very strong reason is that some of the people in those memories now exist only in our memories.They have been gone long.Like I said in Something Breakswe just love to relive the moments we had with them.The memories of our family life,old homes or dear friends were so enriching that they have strong connections with our mind and whenever we look back;maybe due to ennui or lethargy,we just bask in the cool breeze of those memories.

Yes,there must have been squabbles and fights too,but with hindsight we realize that whatever the unpleasantness,we too were not entirely blameless and therefore we forget the ugliness and appreciate the good times.

It is easy to go into a nostalgic trance but this can also be a way of disassociating from the present and it's demands.So it is better to stir ourselves and come back to the present.If we give it all we have,some day we will recall these days also as the'Good Old Days'.


  1. Said right Indu Ji. I am in complete agreement with you.

  2. Yes rightly said. And your observation of life and times is amazing!

  3. Most of the people feel very nostalgic, as past always seems better than th present,whereas this is not always true

    1. Hi Renu.It has been long.
      Yes every era has it's plus and minus points.When we wish to escape today's demands we bring up the past.
      Thanks for visiting.

  4. Hi Indu,
    I think for many of us, as time goes by and we look back, the pleasant memories of the past stick in our mind, and as we reminisce them we find comfort. As Renu pointed out above, probably it's a natural escape route from the present-day difficulties.

    1. True,it is a very pleasant escape route from our difficulties and problems.


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