Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Irish Friendship Wish

May there always be work for your hands to do;
May your purse always hold a coin or two;
May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.


Friday, December 2, 2011

The perfect personality

A wholesome,pleasing personality is a powerful asset.One who owns it will be way ahead of others in any field.We all know this but somehow we fall short of reaching the stage where all who meet us will be forced to say"Oh,what a pleasing personality s/he has."So how to go about achieving that acme of perfection?Just think,who attracted you most with his/her personality?Perhaps we all have the image of one such person in our minds,who impressed us tremendously.Let's try to recapitulate the attributes which made him/her so charming.Many words come rushing to my mind as i think over this topic.Let us take them one by one.
It is a person's face that we look at first of all.A cheerful,smiling,tension-free,friendly & neat & clean face--aren't we all attracted to it?No shifty looks or stern expressions.External cleanliness is easy to achieve,but that happy,serene countenance comes only from a positive frame of mind & a genuine interest in & liking for other people.
The next thing which we all notice is,how a person greets us.Is he welcoming & eager to meet,or does he try to slink away?A warm,confident,spontaneous greeting is a sure winner.
What about a person's physical features & physique?I have seen that a person's looks & complexion recede to the background if the person is otherwise appealing.But body structure does matter.A well-proportioned body indicates that the person leads a healthy,well-balanced life-neither a hog nor a slob.
How a person dresses says a lot about his taste & intelligence.Clean,well-fitting,well-ironed,trendy clothes of harmonious colors,which are according to the weather & occasion are an essential component of a good personality today.Needless to say,offensive body odors are a big No No.
Now about a special feature of personality which often gives away many secrets-our body language.No matter how hard we try to hide our emotions,our body language reveals what is inside.The way we walk,talk & hold ourselves shows how high we are on self esteem.Not only that,it also reveals how much importance we give to the person in front of us.If we are restless & fidget while talking to someone,it is a sure indication that we want to escape at the first opportunity.Shifty eyes proclaim that we have something to hide.On the other hand, when we give undivided attention to our companion or acquaintance, we take a huge stride in the direction of achieving a pleasant personality.
These are an integral part of our personality.How we all like to listen to an individual who talks at a medium pitch in well modulated tones.Those who shout in our ears are as irritating as those who mumble inaudibly.And what about the art of conversation?Perhaps we all know someone who will monopolize the conversation, no matter how many yawns his audience are trying to stifle.At the other end of the spectrum is the guy who just won't open his mouth.However, a good conversationalist will include everyone in his chit-chat & encourage all to participate.He can even draw out the guy with the zipped mouth.People like to listen to him because he knows what he talks about.And when others talk,he listens to them with rapt attention.They find it easy to connect with him because they feel acknowledged & appreciated.
How can we forget etiquette when we talk of the perfect personality?A well-bred person is a pleasure to associate with.He is polite,courteous,amicable & considerate.He is always mindful of the comfort & well-being of others & careful not to hurt their feelings.He can easily assuage a gawky newcomer in any setting-be it social or official.His manners are impeccable.A respect for age,relation & authority marks his behavior.

Our personality is the sum-total of our physical,emotional & behavioral characteristics.Our attitudes,prejudices & our character show through our behavior.All negative emotions like hate,jealousy,sarcasm,rivalry,fear & anger detract from our personality.An individual who thinks he is far more superior than the rest of humanity, is as far from a perfect personality as one who has no self esteem.An over-officious character is as jarring as a callous & heartless one.A good personality requires a fine blend of agreeable qualities which come from the heart.It has to be genuine.No matter how careful we are in projecting a positive image for the world to see,what is inside will shine through & tell the truth.This is the biggest obstacle in acquiring a perfect personality.It has to start from the inside.Most of us being an amalgam of strengths & weaknesses,positive traits & negative ones;we fall short of it.

I am sure this description of a perfect personality is not exhaustive.There must be quite a few facets which you, dear readers, consider essential.It would be interesting to know your views on the topic.What goes to make a pleasing,perfect personality ?Please share your thoughts.