Monday, June 26, 2023

The Parameters Of #Happiness

 We all desire happiness above everything else but what exactly constitutes happiness?Does it lie in a happy family,a healthy body,a dandy job,a fat bank balance,a beautiful home or lots of fame,prestige and power? Where does it stem from and how does one grab it?Ask anyone and you will get different answers,arising naturally from that person's unfulfilled ambitions,latent desires or envious aspirations.Different people are likely to have different items on top of their lists.

When you reach your targeted space it blossoms into many more must-haves.Landing a cushy job is not enough, you need a splendid home in a high profile locality,replete with all the amenities as soon as possible.

Reaching the much awaited status of  a CEO entails that your status should latch on to the grapevine and bring additional benefits like recognition,publicity, power and privileges.

Thus we see that we cannot stop after we reach one landmark.That feeling of satisfaction at having attained a target is short lived and we begin to hunger for additional benefits.But every acquisition brings with it new responsibilities,chores and worries.Happiness slithers away.As we run this race, the fun and joy of life takes second place.We get scarce time to enjoy what we already own.

Working for your goals,attaining higher targets can go on and on.Ultimately what can give you real happiness is that quality of contentment which will give you happiness at any rung of the ladder.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

#Social Anxiety Disorder

 Megha is a young housewife of about forty years old.She has two children and lives in a well-furnished house having all the amenities one could ask for.Her husband is a genial family man and earns well.With all these advantages going for her,one would expect her to be a chirpy,friendly positive girl.But she is just the opposite.You will never catch her smiling or accosting anyone.She takes good care of her health,goes for a morning walk and does yoga and meditation too.Physically,she has a good personality but emotionally-who can say! She never gives anyone the chance to know or befriend her.What could  be the possible cause of this stark contrast between her lifestyle and her demeanor?

It is quite obvious that she is suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder.According to NIMH "Social Anxiety Disorder is a persistent fear of being watched and judged by others.This fear can affect work,school and other daily activities.It can even make it hard to make and keep friends."

But why does this syndrome affect some people so badly that they segregate themselves from those around them and choose to live a lonely friendless life?Where does it stem from?The answers to these queries lie hidden in their minds.

However psychologists do have some pointers.If a child went through adverse experiences,was bullied or targeted repeatedly it could instill in her mind an aversion for meeting others,looking face to face or trusting them.It becomes a permanent feature of her personality.Despite the various ill-effects of this disorder on her life she is unable to shake it off.If only she was to consult a Mental Health professional this fear could be toned down if not eradicated but this same fear prevents her from doing this.

If she does nor want to do this then the next alternative is to take the matter in her own hands.

  1. She should introspect calmly and gauge whence this fear erupted.Was it a single incident or a number of them?
  2. Is the perpetrator still in her ambit or have the circumstances changed?
  3. Is she today as vulnerable as she was then?
  4. This code of conduct which she has charted for herself,is it protecting her from anxiety or  aggravating it.
  5. Is it not barring her from living a full life,making good use of her potential and going forward.
  6. She can take small steps,connect with those she thinks harbor no ill-will toward her,take up tiny excursions in social activities and then evaluate the results.
  7. Just as she decided to isolate herself from society,she should now determine who all she can safely interact with and lay down the boundaries too so that she can safely move forward.
  8. She should talk about her fears and feelings on the subject to those whom she loves and can trust.
These simple steps will assist her to overcome her inhibitions and become a proactive part of society which is essential for leading a healthy and happy life.  

Thursday, March 30, 2023

God,the Greatest Scientist

 Many things on earth follow a regular course. Just as night follows day,the sun moon and stars appear or disappear at their regular times. So do the seasons.But there are many more such  systematic events of which we are not usually aware.

Take our own body-do you know how many systems run continuously inside it?According to Healthline there are 11 major organ systems in human body each working to keep us going.

Then there is the food-chain.It determines the feeding relationships between different species.From the one celled algae to the giant Blue Whales every being has food provided for its sustenance.When a tiny being is eaten by another one it also prevents putrefaction of our planet.Not to forget the typical methods of procreation and parenting among different species which we seldom think of or appreciate.The endless variety of flora and fauna too is astonishing.

Our solar system is equally admirable. All planets circle round the sun in prearranged circles-never clashing or changing their orbits except Pluto and Neptune,which change places but never clash.According to astronomers about 275 million stars are born every day.And the galaxies!The following site put the number of galaxies in the universe at 200 billion more than five years ago. 

There are miracles galore in universe.A few,as mentioned in are--

*Earth spins at an equatorial speed of 1,670 km/h.

*It revolves round sun at a dizzy speed of 100,000 km/h.

*Sun,along with it's solar system, takes 200--225 million years to complete one orbit around the Milky Way.

*Milky way rotates at an astonishing speed of 270 km per sec.

*It is racing through space with reference to cosmic background radiation at this astounding speed of 2.1 million km/h.

How far we travel even while sitting in our armchairs.Just imagine,so many objects racing at gigantic speeds and never clashing.Our earth spins and rotates constantly but we don't topple down. Isn't it a miracle?Who provided the power of gravity for earthlings?

Who designed all this?Things we can explain today with the help of science were thought of eons ago.And that thinking genius lived before the existence any other element in the universe. 

Mere chance cannot be so effective.Does this not prove the existence of a super power?Call him what you will but he is verily the greatest scientist.