Tuesday, November 16, 2021

A Fixed Routine-Is It A Blessing Or a Blight?

  Let me confess at the very beginning,I don't know the answer to this query.I hope to carry you along as I thrash out it's various facets and reach some kind of a conclusion.

Basically,I love change.Monotony kills me.I try to introduce itsy-bitsy changes in my daily routines.This keeps me active,happy and alive.Anything new in the day makes life interesting.It refreshes the mind.I am forced to ponder which new element I should introduce in my daily routine the next time-an element which will not disrupt my routine yet make it slightly different from other days.

Talking of routines-these too hold a very important place in my life.Everything should be done at the right time.This establishes much needed discipline in my schedules.Oh yes'discipline keeps me straight on the line and prevents me from frittering away the hours reading,eating goodies and drinking tea.

Yes,fixed routines make life systematic.You are forced to tend to chores which you do not relish but which are important nevertheless.A fixed routine kind of anchors you,you know which activity should best be pegged at which time-considering the availability of time,space and stamina. 

A very significant advantage of following a regular routine is that it is therapeutic for those who suffer from anxiety or depression.It nudges them into action when they feel lazy or incompetent.Tending to daily routines decreases anxiety because it forces us to think of other things besides our problems. And then we can say that things are in control,life is running at an even keel,and there are no disruptions to spoil the day. 

Some might argue that fixed routines make life rigid and dull but this can be obviated by introducing pleasurable interludes in between stressful tasks. After all planning the routine is in your hands isn't it?

What is your opinion?Do you think we should follow regular routines or not?Do tell us all what you think.