Saturday, December 25, 2021


Hypochondriasis-the very word signifies a feeling of sickness.It is merely a feeling-mind you-not the real condition.The afflicted person thinks he is suffering from a serious ailment.This fear overshadows his whole life-whether personal,professional or social.

In order to live a fully happy,peaceful and creative life it is essential to get rid of this scourge.So rather than going to the whys and hows which have already been recounted in this post,I shall straightaway jump to 'the how to get rid of it' considerations.

  • Since all feelings stem from thoughts it is imperative to control your negative thoughts.The moment you think that a rumbling in your stomach portends the onset of a serious disease stop and consider what basis you have for jumping to this conclusion.Perhaps you are making a mountain of a molehill.
  • Get active.If you try to accomplish a task your mind will shift to a different track.That dreadful fear of a serious illness will be supplanted by a healthy thinking process.
  • Don't delve into the accounts of various diseases floating on the internet or shared by your acquaintances on the social media.
  • Are you given to catastrophic thinking?Recall how many times your similar worries had proven to be false.
  • If a dear person had voiced similar complaints,would you have prognosticated the same consequence for him/her,as you do for your own self?
  • Before retiring for night write down the complaints which had troubled you during the day.If the symptoms differ from day to day,it means that they do not reflect the presence of any disease but are the consequence of your negative thinking.
  • But if a specific symptom irks you every day then it would be better to consul a general practitioner.
  • Negative thoughts and a persistent feeling of sickness can be very depressive.Focus on the positive aspects of your life.Recount the ways in which your body is functioning normally and be thankful for it.
  • Control self pity.It will leave you lonely and despondent.
  • Hypochondriacs tend to consult various doctors till their forebodings are confirmed.Check this urge.Don't indulge in a wild goose chase.
Consult a psychiatrist or a counselor.Share your worries,reveal all that is troubling you and you will definitely feel better and lighter after that.