Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Adultery--the very word conjures up a wave of bitterness,deceit,treachery,disillusionment,anger and sorrow.An outsider can just not imagine the pain and shock tormenting a spouse at the receiving end.In fact (let us presume it is the wife),she cannot easily disclose this fact to a third person, leave aside describe her suffering.Thousands of thoughts and memories flit through her mind and her whole life is reduced to thinking about this development.Memories of the good old days haunt her and the uncertainty of a dark lonely future worries her.

But a lot of care should be taken before accusing a husband of adultery.A thorough scrutiny of available evidence is essential because a lot is going to change after she vocalises her suspicions.Rethinking and introspection are called for.Is she reading too much into chance encounters which she happened to witness?Is her husband in fact not an adulterer but merely an extrovert given to complimenting women and engaging in social chit-chat?Could it be that she has issues about  her own looks and personality and is looking at a congenial relationship through green tinted glasses?

A wife who has hostile feelings about her husband--stemming from a huge spat or dire neglect on his part--may begin to suspect his loyalty and then every tiny incident which confirms her suspicions, will be embedded in her mind while those refuting her hypothesis will be relegated to the trash bin.The suspicion thus turns into conviction and she charges him in order to vent her anger.There is a lurking desire that he negate her accusations and assure her of his love and fidelity.But the opposite happens.An innocent man thus maligned erupts into fury and is deeply hurt by lack of trust on her part.

Therefore she should confront him only after she is thoroughly convinced of his infidelity, or has palpable proof in her hands.Otherwise it would be wiser to give him a benefit of doubt, because there are other factors which could misguide a wife into concluding that her partner is cheating on her.Here are some examples:--

* She lacks self esteem.
*She has an overactive imagination.
*She is jealous and possessive by nature.
*Her trust has been betrayed in past.
*She is highly emotional while he is practical and not demonstrative of his affection.
*He is smarter and more social than her.
*He is overburdened with work-cannot maintain a healthy work life balance.
*He has a serious problem at work or with his health, which make him inattentive to her needs.

The seeds of suspicion also stem from the rapid change which our society is witnessing today.More and more women are joining the workforce and there is greater inter-mingling of the sexes.Youth today are more convivial and less inhibited.This can lead to unwanted consequences and misunderstandings.The recent case of Sunanda illustrates the devastating consequences of adultery-whether real or imagined-upon a person's mental state.

Of course I do not deny that there is cheating in conjugal relationships-indeed it exists in ample measure-but this reality must not be allowed to play into the ordinary ups and downs of a couple's relationship.Not every man or woman is an adulterer or even a potential one, because a lot has to be sacrificed for the transitory pleasure derived from an illicit dalliance.

It is not the cheated wife alone who suffers.The adulterer too jeopardises his home,family and a harmonious life when he breaks his marriage vows.He is scared of being found out and left high and dry.Here I am not even talking of divorce,custody of children,alimony,division of property & belongings,breaking up with certain friends & relatives,change of residence and end of a comfortable life routine.

No,over and above all this there is the constant tension of hiding his subterfuge,dishing out one lie after another,thinking up of new excuses every day and the guilt of deceiving his wife--in short the burden of living a double life.Aren't there enough complications in life today without having to add to them?Such secrets do tumble out sooner rather than later and then the culprit's image is sullied irrevocably.Guilt and remorse also catch up somewhere down the lane and then it cannot be undone.

The complications are manifold.But why then do so many succumb to it?For men it is an ego boost or an attempt to test their sexual prowess while for women it is mostly a desire to find appreciation and tenderness,which might be missing in their married life.Underneath these reasons is the basic truth that the marriage rests on a shaky foundation.There may or may not be much acrimony in the relationship;but more important--the adulterer lacks commitment,morality and self control.This post describes the early signals which denote that the affections between a couple are waning.

Footnote:For my convenience i have written this piece from the perspective of a wife but she can easily be substituted by he because adultery is common in both sexes.Therefore spare me the brick-bats please!More to come in the next post.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Am I Immortal ?

In a way this post is a sequel to my last post vacant eyes which was about the loss of memory in old age and the resultant agony.As I thought about this handicap it dawned upon me that today I am hale and hearty but who knows what future has in store for me.Such an obvious fact!We take our good health and all our faculties for granted but what if tomorrow there is a deterioration in our capabilities?
It was a very sobering thought.Is there anything we can do to ensure that we retain all our abilities till the end?Sounds like a tall order,doesn't it ?You can read my views on this at the following link and please tell me your thoughts too.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vacant Eyes

Vacant eyes staring at me,
Trying hard to position me,
In a desolate vista, 
Of forgotten faces 
And faded memories.

No expression or recognition,
A difficult battle 
Has but been lost.
What harrowing pain, 
 Must accompany that loss.

The twinkle and shine
Have turned to rime,
Only vacant eyes,
Staring at me,
Staring at me.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Quite an unconventional sign, this Aquarius!It is difficult to slot them in a definite recognisable category.There is even debate whether it is a water sign or an air sign.What's more while tradition regards it as being ruled by Saturn modern astrologers assign it to Uranus.No wonder I am confused when I think about the Aquarians!If there is an enigmatic personality on your radar it is very likely he is an Aquarian.

Aquarians are unfathomable because of  many  reasons.Firstly they are ahead of their times-progressive and inventive.Secondly they are highly unconventional.They do not believe in obsolete or illogical conventions and generally like to stir up things.If you frown at this, it does not bother them, because they are very self-contained;they do not need your or my approval.Deviating from norms is not a big deal for them.They are fiercely independent.And intelligent.And intellectual.And highly observant.They love to gather new experiences and try out new ideas.Short cuts appeal to them.

If you think all these qualities place them next to intelligent robots you are dead wrong because theirs is the most humane of all signs.They are genial,honest,sincere and loyal.But they do not wear their emotions on their sleeves,which is why they are often misunderstood.This is exacerbated by their elusive nature.What's more,they dislike clinging relationships.So their spouses will have to understand this aspect of their personalities if there is to be peace in home.Rather than giving their all to one relationship,they have concern for the whole humanity.

Coming to their faults the most glaring one is their stubborn nature.They are reluctant to change even if their beliefs or methods are contrary to the times.Unpredictable and sometimes perverse-they like to shock people.Cool and tranquil to a fault-it will take a mammoth push to hurry them up.

But all said and done--though distant,they are genuine,likable persons.

Coming to their health,their ankles and legs are the weak points.

The text and pics are courtesy Richard Sterling and google.

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