Sunday, December 27, 2015

Overcoming #Obsessive Thoughts

Our thoughts wield tremendous power.When constructive,they chart our trajectory;but when not,they can destroy our health and happiness.Obsessive thoughts are a prime example of the second kind.They are recurrent,persistent,embarrassing thoughts and images which come out of the blue and refuse to go.These thoughts are generally violent,sexual or fearful in nature.For example,a person may have repetitive thoughts of murdering or raping someone.Or he may be plagued by blasphemous or incestuous thoughts.

The thinker is immensely disturbed by such thoughts because they are not what he is.The depravity of these thoughts gives rise to a lot of anxiety and he is tormented by shame,guilt, and self-hate.It is very painful to have these thoughts or images buzzing in one's head and the sufferer may even isolate himself to preclude the possibility of carrying out the hateful acts he thinks of.

The Remedy
Persistent efforts are needed to cure oneself of this condition.

*If you are afraid that your thoughts might translate into action--relax.There is no such possibility.These are intrusive,unwelcome thoughts and not your plans of action.In fact, those who have such thoughts are generally decent,gentle folks.The people who commit such acts are different.They do not have compunctions like people suffering from obsessive thoughts have.They just go out and do it.

*Having unacceptable,intrusive thoughts results in a lot of shame and self-hate.Every time you are chagrined by such emotions you need to tell yourself--this is not me,these thoughts do not come from my volition.I totally disown and disregard them.

*Persistent thoughts have a way of engraving deep pathways in our brain so that we automatically think along those lines.You need to change that circuit in order to get relief.If the sight of a child arouses in you a fear that you may kill him then train your mind to respond to the child's sight by saying to yourself--what a cute kid.By and by,after a lot of practice,his sight will evoke the desired reaction--and not that violent thought.Suppose a dreadful image of a road accident confines you indoors,tell yourself 'I will be careful,I have been safe till now and I shall be in future too' and move out.In due course,it is this thought which will come to your mind when you step out of your home.We can change our brain through concentrated repetitive affirmations.

*It is futile to push an intrusive thought out of your mind--it only occupies a wider space that way.Diverting your attention to something else like a physical activity,a chit-chat or mindful scrutiny of your surroundings will erase that thought.Personally speaking,I have experienced that these thoughts vanish the moment I pay attention to the various sounds emanating from my surroundings.We usually do not register the low sounds which surround us,like the tick-tock of a clock,the hum of an air conditioner,the whirring of a fan or the chirping of birds.The moment we pay heed to these noises unwanted thoughts fade away. 

*Intrusive thoughts do not stay for long.If you want immediate relief try deep breathing,watch your breath come and go.This will take your mind off that worry.

*Making relaxation exercises a part of your daily routine will help.

*Meditation too is an excellent tool for controlling the mind.

*It is best to ignore unwanted thoughts--they are harmless.Flick them away like an irritating fly.And it is extremely important to refrain from undertaking any sort of ritual to prevent these thoughts from culminating in action.It is not needed.

At the end of the day, I would say that although these thoughts are harmless their power to unnerve us depends on how much importance we ascribe them.We all have days when one particular concern or the words of a song keep going on in our brain like a broken record.We also have crazy thoughts now and then;but having these thoughts does not make us evil or immoral.It is perfectly natural to have these thoughts.Lots of people do,but it remains private and every sufferer thinks that he is the only amoral person around.

The only difference between a normal person and one agonized by such thoughts is that he gives too much credit to them and concludes that he is no good.This results in a lot of anxiety.If someone is not able to stem them with self-help techniques then he had best consult a mental health professional.Cognitive Behavior therapy or counseling will provide relief in mild cases but severe ones should try medication or a combination of both.

It is best to be aware that a thought is a thought-not reality. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Priceless and Precious--Lost for Ever

Voices heard years ago
Now lost,
Forever and more.
Do they linger
In the air?
Not heard by me,
But very much there?

I ache to hear
Once again,
My name,whatever,
In voices dear,
Priceless and precious,
Lost forever!

Yesterday I had a very vivid dream of my mother calling out my nickname.I was upset throughout the whole day and then I wrote down the thoughts which were churning inside me.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Taking a Break :)

Much though I love reading and writing blog posts,it consumes a large chunk of my time and energy.Therefore,taking a cue from my last post,I have decided to hibernate for some time.
I will certainly miss all of you with whom I share special ties(and I hope I shall be missed too).Let me see how long it will be before the bug bites again.
May you all fare well and prosper in every possible way.
A Very Happy New Year to all of YOU in advance :)