Monday, April 29, 2013

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

A Sagittarian is like a free bird flying high without any restrictions or limitations,looking for independence & expansion.The latter could relate to any field--physical environment,mental interests like knowledge & learning,or spiritual pursuits.He has a  sharp intellect & a colorful personality brimming with enthusiasm & confidence.Frank,honest,generous,jovial,just & likable;he is also plain speaking to the point of being blunt or tactless.He goes straight to the point like the archer,& dislikes devious,underhand beings.He is a good friend but only till you do not interfere in his life or begin to give him directions, because he knows what to do! The upside is that he too,will not meddle in your affairs. 

A Sagittarian's penchant for independence can cause problems where close relations are concerned because such relationships naturally entail restrictions & obligations which can suffocate a free spirit.All will be well if he meets the right partner but teaming with a suspicious or possessive spouse could result in separation.For this very reason some of those who value their freedom above all, may not marry at all;but if they do,this tendency requires monitoring.

Overconfidence & misplaced optimism is another pitfall which the Sagittarian needs to watch out for.It can foil his prospects.His hot impulsive nature could further complicate matters.

As the Sagittarian lives by his own set of rules,some may consider him as being superficial & irresponsible.This impression is further reinforced by his inclination to not take things seriously.If he gets bored in a given set-up,he just moves on.

The image on left encapsulates many attributes of a Sagittarian.It goes without saying that personal horoscopes make a lot of difference.This is best used as a reference point.On the whole, Sagittarians are lucky people.After all their ruling planet is none less than Jupiter.

In matters of health sciatica,rheumatic pains & liver problems are the areas that need watching.

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Monday, April 22, 2013


Pluto was considered the ninth planet till the year 2006,when it was brought down to the category of a dwarf planet.It is only two thirds the size of our moon,although it has five known moons of it's own.It is a dark icy entity having a faint atmosphere of nitrogen,carbon monoxide & methane.Beneath the atmosphere is a layer of frozen gases followed by a layer of water ice which envelopes a rocky  core. The temperature on Pluto ranges from -378*F to -396*F depending upon it's distance from sun.

Like Uranus,Pluto also rotates on it's axis so that one quarter of it's surface is in continuous daylight while another quarter is continuously dark.

Pluto has a very elliptical orbit which sometimes takes it inside Neptune's orbit;when it becomes the eighth planet.It completes one orbit of sun in 248 yrs,while it's day consists of 16.39 earth days.It is so far out in space that while sunlight reaches earth in nine minutes,it takes five hours to reach Pluto.The sun would be a mere speck of light from there.

Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio & is generally known as God of the underworld.But in Hindu mythology it is also referred to as Yama or guardian of hell.It governs business,wealth,mining,surgery & espionage.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Using #Memories to Heal Hurts

Yesterday I was in a very foul mood.I felt neglected & uncared for.By whom?By my BH of course--who else?I was literally smoldering with anger & my thoughts went like--he is so inconsiderate,selfish & stubborn ,blah blah blah.I was annoyed with him for not participating in activities which appealed to me.I felt as if my whole life had gone by without any fun or amusement.These thoughts were going on in my mind like a chainsaw.I had painted a very black picture of him in my head & I was in no mood to exit this state of mind.

Just then the phone rang.Now who was this,to add to my woes,I thought.It was Sweety,a dear friend,now removed in space,but not  far from my heart.So we began yapping as if we had never parted.She was feeling very nostalgic about the good times we had shared-she,her husband & we two-all four of us.She recounted many instances when we had enjoyed ourselves to the hilt.Past memories came flooding my mind.As soon as she had rung off I began to ponder.

Did we really experience those joyous times?Yes we did.It meant that BH was not so selfish,staid or dull as I had just now decided he was.Ah,what a realization!I felt as if a whole new chapter had opened in front of me.How wrong & unkind I had been to him in my thoughts.

A new picture began to take shape in my mind.He was not so bad after all.Maybe he did not feel energetic enough to go gallivanting along with me.The pall of gloom lifted.I realized that it was I who was being unreasonable & selfish.

I vowed henceforth to not give in to my vile temper at the drop of a hat.If irked by someone's behavior,i would first look back to judge  if it was the norm or an exception on part of that person.So often we jump to conclusions & take offence without sufficient grounds.Then we go on to pass judgments like'You always do this','You never cooperate' etc. etc.At such times a recapitulation of the other person's past behavior can introduce an element of sanity to an otherwise volatile situation.

If that person has been a habitual offender we can just say Good Bye and walk away;but if not,then this pause gives us an opportunity to cool down.As we recollect how helpful,friendly,positive or kind s/he has been to us in the days gone by,we cannot but come down a rung or two & upload a sincere smile to show that there is no bitterness in our hearts.This will avert a nasty conflagration,sustain the relationship & save us unnecessary rancor as well as heart-ache.

If handled correctly, our memories help to build bridges and heal hurts.I add this caveat because going back to my own experience;I could also have gone into depression, complaining how drastically BH had changed.Then I would have begun to speculate at the reason behind this transformation,did he not love me any more? 

It all depends upon how we use our memories.When an aged couple flips through the photographs of it's kids who have long flown the nest;it can either feel grateful for the precious times they spent together,or it can lament why they had to move away.If we are given to negative thinking then even mementoes of love & affection can sadden us.

Like Haruki Murakami said:
"Memories warm you up from the inside.But they also tear you apart."
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Monday, April 15, 2013

#Suicidal Thoughts

There comes a time in our lives when we feel really at the edge,want to give up all struggle and slip into eternal oblivion.We are consumed by the now woes,cannot find a way out,and have no hope of a better future.At such times,instead of throwing in the towel,it would help if we gave a thought to the following thoughts:--

1) I am stronger than any calamity.
2) I shall find a way out of this problem.
3) Every problem has a solution,let me look for mine.
4) Life is larger than any misfortune because it is a mixed platter of    
     good & bad.
5) I beat despondency in the past,i shall do it again today.
6) If times are bad today,they could improve tomorrow or the day 
7) I shall concentrate on living one day at a time.
8) I have to live this day through.
9) This too,shall pass.
10)Most of the problems get resolved with the passage of time.
11) Only if i live,can i see happier days.
12)Suggested by RAN IN JAN --I am not a coward.I shall not give up.

One sobering thought-sometimes suicide attempts misfire horribly;don't do this to yourself.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

#Scorpio-The Powerhouse

Need i say more?A lot has been said in this image on the left.And i am also scared of putting my foot in my mouth because these walking talking dynamites are a force to reckon with!
In order to keep everybody happy,i will start by saying that Scorpio is the most misunderstood of all signs.Maybe because Scorpions hide their feelings very well.Why?Because trust does not come easily to them.What you see of them is only the tip of the iceberg.Or the top of the volcano!That is why no one can grasp them fully.

You or i may not fathom them,but they can dive to the very depths of our souls--so be warned!There are solid reasons behind this warning.Scorpions are highly intuitive --they can catch in a jiffy,the vibes coming from the person in front of them.They are also extremely observant & shrewd.

The most prominent characteristics of a Scorpion are his intensity,grit & determination.This intensity colors all aspects of his life & functioning.It is all or nothing for him.Then there is self control & self reliance.Fearlessness & resourcefulness.Tremendous stamina to stand up again after a fall;although this is seldom required because all qualities enunciated above make for thundering success.

A Scorpion may look detached to onlookers but he is extremely caring of those he loves.He will be kind & loyal to them.It is best to stay on his right side!

A Scorpion's intensity could be harmful if it was turned towards a wrong direction.I read somewhere that he is either a saint or a sinner.Look at the planets which rule him-Mars the God of war & Pluto the God of underworld.This may sound scary if considered in isolation,but there are other planets too in the picture & the zodiac sign does not determine everything.A lot depends upon where the other planets are placed.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Aurora Borealis-The Northern Lights

A small treat for space lovers fire works in the heavens !

This is just one sample.Please click the link above for more dazzling sights!

Hope you like them !

Text & pictures courtesy TIMEHealthland.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Planet Neptune,or Ketu ?

Neptune is a stormy blue planet,eighth from the Sun.It is huge enough to contain 60 earths.A gas giant only slightly smaller than Uranus,it is quite similar to it in composition too.It is thirty times farther from sun than earth,and cannot be seen from here with naked eye.Looking at it's distance from sun,it is not as cold as one would expect it to be.This is because it is heated from within.It gives off double the heat it gets from sun--the father of all modern central heating systems?Hahaha!

Neptune's atmosphere consists of hydrogen,helium & some methane.The temperature at the top of it's atmosphere is -218*c,while it's core is approximately 5.000*c. It's   tremendous heat gives rise to fierce winds blowing in the opposite direction from it's rotation.Neptune has the fastest winds in the solar system.They can reach up to a speed of 1,500 mph and are responsible for severe storms.

Since Neptune's axial tilt is quite similar to that of earth,it has seasons just like we do.But each season lasts for 40 yrs.Phew!Neptune has four rings & thirteen known moons.It's moon Triton is one of the coldest places in the solar system,having a temperature of -235*c.

The day at Neptune consists of about 16 hrs while it takes 164  earth years to orbit once round the Sun.And that too at an average speed of 12,000 mph.Taking 164 yrs to complete one orbit of sun at this amazing speed---the expanse of solar system is truly astounding!!!

Interestingly although Neptune lies between Uranus & Pluto every 248 yrs Pluto moves inside it's orbit so that Neptune moves to the ninth rank! for twenty years. No collision occurs in this inter-changing of positions.What control,and what management!!!!

Shifting to astrology, one could doubt if a planet so far off could have any influence upon our lives,but according to Hindu mythology Neptune is Ketu ,which is feared by many.Some refer to it as Varun also. According to Wikipedia it gives creativity,idealism & compassion but it can also bestow illusion,confusion & deception.

Ah well,there certainly is some confusion regarding it's ability to influence our lives but there is no confusion that it is impossible for us to visit it.
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Ek Boond Zindagi ---crimes against children.

एक नन्हीं सी बूँद 
गर्म तवे पर 
गिरती है,तड़पती है 
और फिर
बिखर जाती है 

कोई नहीं पास
 सिर्फ तवा और आग 
दोनों से जल कर 
वो हो गयी हवा 

इंसान हैं हम 
पर इंसानियत है कम 
पत्थर से कठोर 
और पशुओं से बद्त्तर 

आँख का पानी 
तो मर ही चुका  है 
कहाँ से लाएंगे 
चुल्लू भर  डूबने को ? 

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