Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Personalities--4 :The deprave's Wife.

Is it possible to ever know a person fully?Even if you have been associated with someone for two decades?This question niggles my mind whenever i think of D's wife.She is an enigma to me.Let me call her E.She was a good many years senior to me.Though not much educated;having moved in society with her husband,she was well versed in all social graces.A perfect housewife.It was hard to pick any defect or deviation in her personality and behavior.Friendly,social and as right-thinking a lady as i have ever seen.

BUT--and this is a tremendous but--there is one thing about her which i cannot synchronize with my assessment of her persona.Was she aware of what her husband was up to?After all, everything happened in her very home,maybe her courtyard.A chance occurrence could have gone unnoticed but if it was repeated many times?How could she not be aware of it?And knowing it,how could she have condoned it?

On the other hand if she did not approve of D's  habit of molesting young children   then surely there ought to have been some signs of discord between the two of them.But none were ever visible.She probably had no one to fall back upon and there was also the future of her kids to consider;so i can well understand her putting up with him.But they got along very well to all appearances.The couple was a picture of harmony and togetherness--she was not subservient to him in any way.

Was she so good at hiding her emotions or was she in cahoots with him?If it was the latter,then WHY?She appeared totally straightforward in all other respects.She was the typical kindly,neighborly lady with whom you could trust your kids if need arose.Therefore she is still an enigma to me.I guess there are certain questions-the answers to which will always hang in the air.

These episodes date back to many years.Today also we come across many instances of wives defending adulterous husbands-especially those who are rich and famous.Do they try to save them so that they can continue their luxurious lifestyles?Even as i write this Leela Maderna the wife of a minister accused of rape & murder ,is defending her husband and fighting elections in his place.

Integrity,ethics,values,humanity,compassion--what are they?????And where??????

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Personalities--3 : A Deprave and his Wife

When I was young and naive,or the world was more straight,or the crooks less crooked,I used to think that i could tell from a person's visage if he was normal or a criminal.But this fallacy has been disproved down the years.Looking at the pictures of many criminals in the media it is hard to believe that they have deplorable tendencies.The anti-social elements hide their villainous intentions thoroughly.Thus many innocent and vulnerable souls are victimized by perverts and scoundrels in various ways.

I was young when i met this couple-not only met but also associated with them for a good number of years.Let me name the husband D for obvious reasons.He lived nearby when we moved to the town and we were mighty impressed by his congeniality and helpful nature.The soul of courtesy,manners and politeness,he helped us settle down in a new city.

But as time passed we came to know about another side of his character.He was a thorough gentleman where officers' wives were concerned but not so with those belonging to the lower strata.This too was not as hideous as another vice of his-pedophilia. His demeanor was kind and friendly so that young kids did not fear going near him initially.And that trapped them.Many kids must have been traumatized at his hands though i cannot give you the exact number.In fact nobody can.

Many knew about his heinous acts but nobody confronted him outright.Some changed their residence,close friends discussed the matter in privacy and all those who got an inkling of his filthy behavior took care to protect their kids but none denounced or humiliated him publicly. Why? I don't know.

But this very lapse on part of the general public allowed him to carry on his nefarious activities unchecked.Child sexual abuse is one crime where the victim stays quiet-either out of fear or shame or ignorance of the fact that s/he has been exploited.Even if s/he confides in his/her parent the latter generally suppresses the fact to protect the child's reputation or peace of mind.

Ultimately,as is often the case,D completed his tenure and went away unpunished.

Next I will tell you his wife's reaction to,role in all this.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Something Breaks

When she leaves,
For her eternal abode,

Something breaks

No more the assurance,
Of her warm presence,
Nor any hope,
To see her beloved face.

Something breaks

What a blessing it was,
To just enter a gate,
And be engulfed,
In her fond  embrace.

Something breaks.

Tender and sweet,
Her memories wrap,
Like a snug soft sheet.
A lot remains,
But something breaks.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Downside of Success

We envision success as the end of all troubles.It is very satisfying too-no doubt.But it can have negative repercussions too,if we are not careful.
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