Monday, October 29, 2012

A Lovely Gesture

 When a distinguished
blogger like Anupam Patra decides to include me in the community of Liebster Blog holders it is natural to feel surprised,elated & grateful, in that order.I may doubt the worthiness of my own scribblings,but how can i doubt the sagacity of Anupam Patra?Therefore here i go doing the needful to formally earn this award.

The rules of the game are:
Post 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions the tagger asked you.
Tag 11 more bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
Make 11 questions for those you have tagged.
Tell the people that you tagged them & no tagging back.

Well,if i started listing my likes & dislikes there are strong chances of you reaching for the mouse to click the next blog.Therefore i will answer the 11 questions asked by Anupam & my answers will tell you 11facts about me.Neat,isn't it ?

1-Blue n white checkered or black?
Blue n white checkered.
2-Curtains or no curtains?
3-Hard cover,paper back or e-books?
Hard cover.
4-What is your ambience while writing?
I like to write on paper first,when there is silence,comfort & a cup of tea,with me.
5-Do you plan to publish a novel?
Perish the thought,my imagination is zilch.
6-Do you like to make a gift for your loved one or would you rather buy?
I would like to make it myself.
7-Which is the most beautiful color according to you?
Sky blue.
8-What is your mantra in life?
To act according to my conscience' dictates.
9-Have you ever thought of becoming a soldier in your life?
Ah no!
10-Do you have stage fright?
11Mickey mouse/Alladin/Duck tales or Shin chan/Doraemon/Kitrestu?
I have not watched any cartoons-i mean on TV!

My questions for the new awardees:
1-Your favorite color?
2-Your favorite movie?
3-Your favorite music genre?
4-Your favorite actor?
5-Your favorite actress?
6-Your favorite hobby?
7-Your favorite blog?(some help from me---jeeteraho?)
8-Your pet hate?
9-Your dream vocation?
10-Your dream vacation?
11-Your ambition in life?

Ah! so much of hard work(that is why this post has been waiting since July 2012).But good things don't come easy.So now all that is left is to name 11 new bloggers.This will take another 2 months i think!
Randomly chosen bloggers are thus:

Now all that is left to do is inform these bloggers & then i am done.My congratulations to the winners!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

One Single Soul !!!!!

I know what you are thinking----we all have one single soul.Yes of course.You are right.But i have been through an experience where more than a hundred ladies possessed a single soul.The whole lot was a throbbing,pulsating mass of anticipation,excitement,curiosity & a sense of adventure.They were out there to have a good time & waiting for the fun to begin.Without testing your patience  further,let me tell you that we were all assembled at ITC Sheraton Delhi for the Pantene Nature Fusion IndiBlogger Meet.

It was an amazing experience.The venue was great & the ambiance excellent.There were various shades of self-introductions,fun-filled games,interesting competitions,very soothing & satisfying hair spas,wacky moments,tasty lavish grub & prizes galore!Lots of thrill & joyous participation marked all the events.

For the first time,we were able to connect faces with hitherto familiar names & thoughts.I had been eager to meet Zephyr & it turned out to be a memorable meeting.This meet cemented the friendship between us.We had been interacting with each other on IB & through phone & now we were face to face.It was a great experience.I enjoyed meeting many bloggers whom i had read --especially Ashima with the smiling face.And there were many new  bloggers whom i wanted to read as soon as possible.

The cream on top of this luscious cake was the curtsy,hospitality & cooperation of IndiBlogger Team,helping you out even before you know what you want.The team's congeniality made it a memorable event for me.The whole show was executed with a lot of finesse & panache.However it left me with an unfulfilled  desire--'Yeh dil mange more!'


Thirteen years ago,
On this day,
You were there,
And then you were not.

I have been remiss,
 In carrying out,
What i should have done,
But I did not.

An ocean of foresight,
Patience & benevolence,
What did i learn,
From your noble presence?

Did i hurt you father,
Did i disappoint much?
Being your daughter,
How could i have been thus?

All this is now,
So much vapor in the winds,
Moments pass,
But the memories pinch.