Thursday, March 30, 2023

God,the Greatest Scientist

 Many things on earth follow a regular course. Just as night follows day,the sun moon and stars appear or disappear at their regular times. So do the seasons.But there are many more such  systematic events of which we are not usually aware.

Take our own body-do you know how many systems run continuously inside it?According to Healthline there are 11 major organ systems in human body each working to keep us going.

Then there is the food-chain.It determines the feeding relationships between different species.From the one celled algae to the giant Blue Whales every being has food provided for its sustenance.When a tiny being is eaten by another one it also prevents putrefaction of our planet.Not to forget the typical methods of procreation and parenting among different species which we seldom think of or appreciate.The endless variety of flora and fauna too is astonishing.

Our solar system is equally admirable. All planets circle round the sun in prearranged circles-never clashing or changing their orbits except Pluto and Neptune,which change places but never clash.According to astronomers about 275 million stars are born every day.And the galaxies!The following site put the number of galaxies in the universe at 200 billion more than five years ago. 

There are miracles galore in universe.A few,as mentioned in are--

*Earth spins at an equatorial speed of 1,670 km/h.

*It revolves round sun at a dizzy speed of 100,000 km/h.

*Sun,along with it's solar system, takes 200--225 million years to complete one orbit around the Milky Way.

*Milky way rotates at an astonishing speed of 270 km per sec.

*It is racing through space with reference to cosmic background radiation at this astounding speed of 2.1 million km/h.

How far we travel even while sitting in our armchairs.Just imagine,so many objects racing at gigantic speeds and never clashing.Our earth spins and rotates constantly but we don't topple down. Isn't it a miracle?Who provided the power of gravity for earthlings?

Who designed all this?Things we can explain today with the help of science were thought of eons ago.And that thinking genius lived before the existence any other element in the universe. 

Mere chance cannot be so effective.Does this not prove the existence of a super power?Call him what you will but he is verily the greatest scientist.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Association Of Ideas--A Live Portrayal In Front Of Me

 This happened only yesterday.My husband and I were sitting in our balcony when up came a young gentleman.He greeted my BH effusively and waited for a response from him but my the latter failed to recognize him.He revealed his name--no go!Then he told him the name of the company where he used to work--still no reaction.Then he told him that he was my husband's first assistant and my husband had helped him in many ways.

Now my husband's memories came flooding out.There was no stopping their exchange of anecdotes after this.I was surprised to see that BH remembered all this because he is 85 plus though,in good health.One sentence in our guest's talk had kindled a spark and they lived the old days once again.

This reminded me of a psychological phenomena known as Association,which states that when we recall a past experience other thoughts related to it by virtue of similarity,congruity or causality also come to the fore.I was truly astonished to see this happening before my own eyes.

It struck me that this phenomenon is a double-edged sword. It can be utilized to check anxiety from taking hold of our minds.Once we give in to a negative thought many other similarly negative thoughts could come to invade our consciousness.

On the other hand a positive thought before a critical juncture will remind us of our past successes and fill our minds with confidence, energy and hope.

Hence repelling negative thoughts and diverting your mind to another channel is a good way to beat anxiety.Similarly recalling your good experiences and achievements is good for your mental health .