Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ten Tips For Coping With a # Crisis

We try to fashion a life which has order,progress,harmony and growth;but sometimes it takes a u-turn.A major disruption hits like a bolt from the blue.Critical ventures fail,gainfully employed people become jobless,a robust person is crippled,diseases diminish mind or body,relationships wither,or a dear kin departs.

The aftermath of such incidents is unsettling to say the least.We look frantically for a way to revert back to that earlier state of cheer and fitness,but some changes are irrevocable, and it is impossible to wind back the clock.All we can do is,find a way to minimise collateral damage and start anew.

Major upheavals entail drastic adjustments which are not easy to make.Is there any tool-kit to deal with such crises?The following may help:--
  • The very first requirement is to express your agony.Cry,shout,scream,vent your feelings,if that is what you feel like doing.Find a deserted place where you can be yourself.You will feel lighter after you have done this.
  • Now calm yourself.Don't panic.Say to yourself that this too shall pass,the pain will diminish and life will become easier.
  • Express your feelings to someone who understands you.If noone else,then consult a professional.Don't hesitate to ask for advice.
  • Don't dwell on what you have lost,it will aggravate your pain and prolong the status quo.If it comes to that,even the past must have had some elements which were not to your liking;and this turning point could even be beneficial in the long run.Silver lining,you know!
  • Check the instinct to react with rash behavior.Many people respond to a crisis by taking recourse to violence,self-harm or suicide.Avoid any kind of addiction-whether it be of food,drugs,or alcohol.  
  • Try to maintain your routine as far as possible.Eat well,sleep well.Stifle the urge to just hide under the covers,shutting out all else.
  • Hold on to the good things which still remain.If you have a loving family,savor its warmth.Go out,meet friends.Take up the activities which give you pleasure.
  • Look up,google those who have gone through a similar trauma,find out how they restructured their lives.
  • Plan out how you want to rebuild your life.Set small,attainable goals which will take you towards normalcy.Recount your own strengths and tap other resources which could help you to stand up again.
  • Remind yourself of the many blessings which you still enjoy in order to ward off depression.
Some crises definitely are very hard to adjust to,but if we do not accept the reality, modify our thinking and reset our goals,then life becomes a hopeless disarray of haunting memories  and toxic emotions.

On the other hand,when we strive to make a new beginning we become wiser and stronger,better able tolerate any kind of adversity in the future too.Bear with this egregious change because:-- 

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Prevent a Relapse of #Anxiety or #Depression

A cure from Depression or Anxiety Disorders is often brought about by the twin efforts of psychotherapy and medication.It is often a steep up-hill climb,but even after a cure,the danger of a relapse,The Black Dog lurking in the shadows,cannot be ruled out;given the patients susceptibility and the exigencies of life.

The problem is compounded for those who had been on psychiatric medicine for a long time.As they phase it off--under the guidance of a doctor of course--it is necessary to be prepared for the appearance of withdrawal symptoms.These are often similar to those of a relapse,and it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the two.The withdrawal symptoms are best left to the doctor to manage,but the patient can take some precautions to guard against a relapse.

As with all mental disorders,it is best to nip such an eventuality in the bud.A few simple measures given below can prevent this from happening:--

1-First of all,smother this fear that you are slipping back into a mental disorder.Everyone has low moods now and then,and gets out of them too,as you too shall.You have left the jungle far behind,these bushes and brambles cannot push you back there again.

2-Identify the triggers which bring on the blues and avoid them as far as possible.

3-Don't focus on the many ways in which you find yourself lacking,negative self-talk is never judicious.

4-In order to divert your mind,think about those you associate with-what sort of lives they have and the difficulties which they probably face.Note how they solve their problems.

5-If a specific problem is giving you the jitters,shelve it for a while.You can take it up later when you are in a better frame of mind.

6-Consult a mental health professional if you are unsure of your ability to handle this on your own.

7-Desist from thinking about the future,imagining sorrowful scenarios.Live in the present,nurture it with enthusiasm.

8-If you rue the lack of love,companionship or excitement in your life then think instead,of how you can fill this emptiness.Take prompt action.

9-Treat yourself to a good meal,a nice buy or a much awaited excursion.

10-Don't skip on your daily routine,adhering to it will give you a sense of control and accomplishment.It will also keep you from ruminating,which is what you will likely do if you have more spare time.

11-Wear,clean,well-ironed,trendy clothes;you will feel good if you look good.

12-Go out,meet people,smile at them and talk to them.

Anxiety-prone individuals tend to think too much about minor ailments,routine problems or upcoming challenges.Negative thoughts and concomitant fears plunge them into depression,post which they become asocial and inactive.With so much time on their hands and not many people around to cheer them up,their depression deepens more.

Therefore,whenever you find yourself leaning towards negativity,get busy doing something you enjoy doing or come out of your shell and meet people.These are simple measures but they work.