Friday, April 20, 2012

Wow, this is truly awesome!

Kajal has nominated me for the Awesome Blogger Award.My very first award--it is a very fine feeling& i am sooo thankful to you Kajal.In order to get this award i have to do the following
1--Link back & thank the person i got the award from.
2--Share7 things about me.
3--Pass the award to 15 newly discovered bloggers.
4--Contact these bloggers & tell them about the award.

Now the first one has already been taken care of.Going on to the second-
1--I love music-listening to it!
2--I learned to strum the guitar but have neglected it since long.
3--I love reading.
4--And i thrive on 'mithai'& Ice-cream.
5--I dislike overeating.
6--I do Yoga every day.
7--I hate lies .

Well, now i come to the hardest part.How do i choose 15 blogs from this treasure house of blogs ?Like Kajal i too will choose from IndiBlogger only.The list is random & certainly incomplete--
1--Vijay Shenoy@Mind's eye of Life

2--Debjyoti Ghosh @ Some Facts Some Nonsense

3--Spiritual Sherpa @Humour Unplugged

4--Amit Aag@safarnama

5--Vikram Karve @Academic & Creative Writing Journal

6--Poorvishrivastav @Look Ahead

7--Ashu @Chaupal

8--Sowmya Swaminathan @Myspace

9--Purba Ray @A-Musing

10--Nabanita @Random Thoughts

11--Purushottam Pandey@Jaale

12--Giribala Joshi @ The Grist Mill

13--Induravisingh@ Hridayanubhuti

14--Sujatha Sathya@Conversations

15--Deepak @World of Deepbaazigar

My my! that was not easy.My apologies to those i  have had to leave out because of rules.

Happy blogging & cheers to all!


  1. congos ma'am...u really deserved it... :)

  2. congrats on the award Indu - well-deserved :)

  3. Thanks suju,yours is coming too.

  4. Congrats and thank you for passing it to me!:)

  5. Congrats and thank you for nominating me!:)

  6. Thanks a ton Indu :) Just to let you rock..I have no words to pen to describe the great work you are doing..suffice to say for me you are a winner already..we just need to find out if the award deserves you...

  7. Thanks a lot for the mention!!! :-)

  8. thanks Indu...Thank you so much for appreciating... people like you who are awsome writers themselves and do take out time to appreciate who write...this is great...
    thanks a ton...

    and Indu jee you deserve the award...congrats

  9. These awards are good for spreading happiness all round aren't they ?

  10. Thanks a lot Induji for nominating me for this award

  11. Well done, Indu and well deserved. These awards introduce us to other good bloggers.

  12. Thanks KayEm...yes these awards do lead us to other good bloggers...welcome here.

  13. Congratulations on the award and you sure a health freak. Eating deserts once is OK, isn't it? Yoga and eating in limits will compensate it...

    1. Now that you say it ; i realize that this is probably the reason why i am not overweight & still living!

  14. strum a guitar? how wonderful. i often wish i could play an instrument. unfortunately im one deaf!

  15. Hi Gayathri,thanks for the thumbs up !

  16. Hi Indu.. many many congratulations for the award. You totally deserve it. You write so well and on a variety of topics. Makes for wonderful reading. :) Keep writing.

    And loved reading the small small facts about you. Guitar.. oh.. how I love the instrument.. I have one too.. but not made much progress. ;)

  17. Thanks a lot for your sweet comment,i am glad that my efforts have passed muster.

  18. Sorry for late response.
    Feel much honoured, thank you so much :-)


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