Saturday, May 4, 2019

This Long Road

Step by step,how far we go!
This long road
away from home
did I know
when I first stepped out
what it was
going to be like?

smooth or rough
or strewn with stones
gentle curves 
or twists and turns
hot and dusty
or cool and shady
steep uphill climb
or a slip down ravine?

and the companions-
friends or opponents
kind and encouraging
or sharp and stinging
empathetic and true
or vile through and through?

no,nothing of this kind
crossed my mind
I just stepped out
and plunged headlong
as the day advanced
reality dawned
this was no dance
nor a walk in the park

a mixed platter
had been served to me
and the making or breaking
now rested on me
it was a test
to do my best
for this exam
and also my nest
so much the better
without a flutter

from where I stand
what used to be home 
is  nowhere in sight
only the road ahead
and this fading light
step by step
breath by breath
how far I have come
from my sweet old home.


  1. Nice poem dipped with nostalgia.

  2. I really dont remember when i first stepped out...
    very nice one depicting the journey of life and different feelings.

    1. I distinctly remember that day Jyotirmoy,but my old home has never stopped pulling at me.

  3. Nice poem. Life is a long journey, indeed. Enjoy it! :-)

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