Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eschew Stress In Eight Easy Steps

Yes i know,internet is bursting at the seams with various lists of stress-busters!We all have our own pet formulae for beating stress,but how about shunning it in the first place?It would be much more pragmatic to adopt a life-style which says 'Nay' to stress---to the extent that it is possible;because it's proximity (i am talking of negative stress here) is not only annoying,but also damaging.Given below is a strategy which is easy & effective in keeping stress at bay.See if it strikes a chord with you.

1* Know Thyself.What sort of an individual are you &what do you want from life?Are you hungry for all the trappings of a rich high life or would you be happier with a moderate amount of success coupled with a healthy work-life balance?Is a spiraling career your sole goal?Even at the cost of a happy home?Can you nonchalantly swipe friends & family for a pinnacle of success?Are you content with your carefree,independent bachelorhood or do you want a harmonious family life above all?If you are a woman,are you happy to be the queen of your family & home or do you want to go out & build up a spiraling career?Just because all young females are doing it;or those you know, talk ravishingly about theirs?I know there can be no cut & dried answers to these questions but looking at the demands of a fast track life & it's repercussions on our health & happiness;these issues merit serious deliberations.Choose whichever life style appeals to you but thereafter,don't look enviously at others' choices.

2* Set attainable targets for your self.Rome was not built in a day,nor can anybody or everybody be an Einstein or a Mozart.It is relaxing to know your limitations & accept them gracefully.This is a buffer against heart ache caused by unfulfilled ambitions & failed enterprises.

3*Don't be a perfectionist or undertake to do everything yourself because someone else will not be able to do it as per your specifications.Delegate responsibility to members of your team whether you are at home,office,club or any other social to-do.In case you are at the receiving end of orders or instructions do not agree to do more than what you are capable of.Find a polite way of explaining your situation.

4*Give yourself sufficient time to accomplish all that needs to be done.If you try to squeeze in a work-load of 12 hrs into 8 hrs;you may succeed in doing so,but at the end of it you will be more pooped out & irritable than if you had done it at a more leisurely pace.There will be fewer mistakes & blunders too,thereby leaving you more satisfied with your efforts.

5*Multi-tasking is supposed to be an attribute of all high achievers but it is also a shortcut to anxiety & stress.It is unproductive in the long run.

6*Take rest at the first signs of exhaustion.Don't press yourself too hard.Indulge yourself & feel the happy hormones flowing.

7*Avoid mental clutter.A very potent source of anxiety is the general feeling that a lot needs to be done & you are slipping behind in your schedules.This can be very oppressive-like a sumo wrestler sitting on your head.Just make a list of all pending jobs in decreasing order of importance,tackle the first one & set the ball rolling.Often this looming cloud of pressure is not at all commensurate with reality.

8*Lastly,some talk of physical clutter,the effect of which is not apparent,but insidious.A neat work table,a tidy home-all make for harmony & positivity.

Nobody is immune to set-backs & calamities which crash down like a bolt from the blue,but organizing your life and planning it according to your needs and inclinations can reduce stress to a large extent.


  1. The first point is really apt, knowing yourself is crucial... i.e. knowing what suits your personality and what doesn't, otherwise we keep hankering for things that seem wonderful, but aren't really what we want or can live with! For e.g., I have seen people make wrong choices in their careers and take up something that's deemed "prestigious" and "lucrative", and then realizing that it isn't what they really wanted after all.

    Very nice post! Do stop by my blog sometime :) ..... M * U * S * I * N * G * S

  2. Ash you are bang on target,this is a serious dilemma for professionals today....i am going to visit your smiley soon.

  3. hmm hmm
    Made me think !!! hmm Hmm

  4. Nice...would like to add one more point...one needs to make sure that they have their "me time" for atleast ten minutes a day...ten minutes to de-clutter their mind...ten minutes to do whatever they love the most-maybe dancing/singing/gardening or simply doing nothing!...those 10 minutes will make sure that their day goes very well!!!

  5. Very valid point Latha, thanks.

  6. I think we all need to work on all the points you mentioned here. Knowing yourself is most important. Thanks for sharing this.:)

  7. Thank you Saru for this comment.

  8. Great tips! Keep them coming :-)

  9. very useful article, indeed. We live a very fast lane life these days. Spending sometime with yourself is very important, may be routine of yoga, meditation, a walk in natural environs or jus introspection of the day passed by, It really helps to de-clutter mind.

    Also I have realised, learning something new is a great way to reinvent oneself and for boosting self image.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Yes Meenakshi,we are so conscious of all the tasks which need doing that we forget to associate with our own selves-which can be so relaxing.
    You really echo my thoughts,thank you!

  11. A grand one indeed! More so 'coz it is the need of the hour!!
    Will keep it handy to refer back:) Thank you doc:)


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