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I have written a lot about suicides but it never seems enough because suicide is sheer waste of a precious life which not only kills one person but also leaves many others devastated.Every human has some value,some contribution to give to mankind--however insignificant one's own role may seem to that person.And even those who feel lonesome or neglected--even those--do have folks who care for them,need them,or at least who would be sorry to know that they took a leap into the unknown.
Most important--nothing lasts for ever.We often come to a difficult patch which leaves us mentally,emotionally and physically exhausted.Life seems hopeless and we conclude that we do not have the ability to solve our problems.Not only this,we also come to believe that fading into oblivion is the best course and nobody cares whether we live or die.Hence,the suicide.
It is only a combination of circumstances which sows these thoughts in our mind.If we relegate our emotions to the background and try to think rationally we will certainly be able to find ways to ease our tensions .
I wrote an article on this topic for TOI's supplement 'Kota Plus' which appeared on 31st Oct 2014.I reproduce a copy of it below,please give your views.

Suicide Is NOT The Answer.
These are stressful times.We all have our own share of challenges,obstacles and frustrations.Tensions are on the rise and support systems are on the wane.Sometimes it all becomes more than one can handle by oneself.A need is felt to confide in someone or ask someone's advice.Lucky are those who have a loving family or caring friends to fall back upon.But for those who are not thus blessed,life sometimes becomes a burden too heavy to bear.Or maybe, the problem is such that we just cannot share it with friends or family.So the problem is not resolved and the tension keeps mounting till one day,the situation becomes explosive.

It is then that we come to know that so and so has committed suicide.What a sad end to a promising life!Actually no one wants to die.They only want their pain to end and their problem to be solved.When they cannot achieve this on their own,they choose to end it all.

But if they cannot share their troubles with their friends or family then there are Mental Health Professionals who can help them to solve their problems so that they can live life once again.Mental Health Professionals like Psychiatrists,Psychiatric Social Workers,Counselors and Psychologists are honor-bound to keep your confidence.They are familiar with all the aberrations of the human mind and you can divulge your innermost secrets to them without any fear of ridicule or embarrassment.Every problem has a solution,it is only because a stressed out person cannot think lucidly that s/he feels that s/he has reached a dead end and death is the only answer.

Therefore if you have been under a lot of stress for many weeks and it has disrupted your life totally--spoiling your sleep,appetite and daily routine,then it is time to take the bull by the horns and take some positive steps to overcome your problems !!!!!

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  1. Indu ji

    agree with everything that you have written in the first paragraph -----and the most important thing is that however dejected or rejected may one feel at a time when he/she looks back at it, it seems to have been trivial or hurculean but succesfulluy overcome ---only one should be alive to LOOK Back ---and yes help centres are important to help people who do not have a support system .

    And yes life is important and valuable enouigh to be thrown away ---because sometime or the other one does find himself contributing to society

    I am so glad I logged in to be able to read your post and comment I hope mine is the first comment
    and hugs

    1. Yes,you are the first,and very encouraging too.Thanks for everything.
      It is a pleasure to read your inputs.

      Love n hugs.

  2. Very relavent article. Congrats on publication in TOI.

  3. It is generally said the only cowards take such extreme step.
    But,God only knows under what circumstances did they do what they did.
    It may or may not be a medical condition.
    Fact is,it's too,precious a lifE to be given away

    1. I agree Chowla ji,suicide requires a LOT of courage ,as one suicidal said to me.

  4. Death is instant, grief lasts for ever. Like you said, blessed are those who have a loving family to fall back on.

  5. A lack of a sense of self-worth is probably the most prevalent reason for suicides. THAT is what drives people to obsessively seek external reasons to respect their own self - success, love, whatever - and, when they fail, they tend to think of themselves as useless and not worthy of existence. (Medical reasons apart). Suicide is no means to prove your own worth.

    1. Deep thinking Suresh-thought provoking as usual.

  6. most suicide cases are due to lack of family support,mental health professionals can help only when depressed have a support system at home,otherwise psychiatrists and psychologists are of no use coz day to day life issues are to be dealt by self and support system around who can help you financially and affectionately.if these things are available to a person,why would anyone will commit suicide, except if he/she is the end ,suicide is not a bad thing or good thing,right to die has to be supported on merit basis.


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