Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Want to be # Happier Than You Are?

We often blame our life conditions,destiny,or other people for our dissatisfaction with life.But as we focus on the externals,we fail to peep inside our minds where actually,the genesis of every emotion lies.It is possible to be happier than you are at this moment,in this very situation by modifying your attitudes and your general outlook on life.

Ten simple steps will do the trick.You will find them at my eleventh post on Speakingtree:



  1. "... as we focus on the externals, we fail to peep inside our minds where actually, the genesis of every emotion lies... " This is something that I discovered a few years ago. Since then I have always looked as much inwards as much as outwards. And it helps us to get a good understanding of not only ourselves, but others too.

  2. Appreciating what i have, not always pining for something I cant is my motto to live happily

  3. And THAT is the simplest lesson, yet the most difficult for people to learn

  4. It really is in our hands.
    Well written post


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