Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Simple Ways of Training The Brain

Our brains work best when we work out strategies,meet challenges,learn new things and solve puzzles.With the passage of time such activities diminish and the brain becomes lethargic.We become creatures of habit-afraid to try anything new.We fall into a rut and our days follow a fixed template.This not only makes us forgetful and lack-lustre,it can also set a stage for Alzheimer's Disease.

Like every part of the body the brain too requires exercise to stay supple.Even simple changes in our lifestyle can give excellent results.Here our a few of my favorite methods:--
  1. Meditation-The topper on this list has to be this esoteric science which not only improves the brain's function but can also relieve anxiety and depression.
  2. Learn new things-it could be anything from playing a game or an instrument to learning a new language.
  3. Use your non-dominant hand for more activities.
  4. Do what you find difficult,and you may be pleasantly surprised.This new-found confidence will encourage you to explore new territories.
  5. Try to memorise at least some phone numbers which you frequently use.Check-how many can you reel off at this moment?
  6. Play some brain games like Sudoku,Scrabble,Crossword,Rubik's Cube or Chess.
  7. If you come across a new word while reading,look up it's meaning and test your memory the next day.
  8. Do some mental math for basic calculations instead of reaching for the calculator.
  9. Before going to sleep,recall all that you did after waking up in the morning.
  10. Make slight variations in your morning regime.For example you could take a brisk walk instead of doing aerobics.Or take a new route for your walks.Or just sit down in the lap of nature and do breathing exercises.
  11. Walk backwards for a while,and also on your toes.
  12. Take sufficient sleep-the brain repairs itself while you are sleeping.
  13. Avoid intoxicants and take a healthy diet.
  14. Juggle balls.This seemingly innocuous activity has many health benefits.
These are simple measures but they will produce gratifying results if practiced diligently.Your learning abilities will improve-there will be faster learning,longer retention and quicker recall.You will become more alert and better able to concentrate.Forgetfulnes will be a thing of the past.You will feel more confident and your self-esteem too will rise.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.How about telling me what works for you?


  1. Great tips, I'm going to try walking backwards. Never done that.

  2. Exploring new places.... Need not be a new place to travel....choose a different market place or shopping area and see what all is there.... Explore some place with a map....find different ways to get around

  3. Trust you to look for topics that are most needed by the readers, useful and practical. Already doing several of the things you have suggested. Will try the others too. Thank you, Indu! Hugs


    1. I just love the way you boost my ego Zephyr--such are the things which encourage me to carry on.
      Love n hugs always.

  4. I simply loved few tips and going to do them..Thanks for a beautiful write up!

    1. I am very happy that you found this post useful Renu,thank you.


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