Tuesday, October 24, 2017

When Anxiety Becomes Too Overpowering.

Anxiety has become a sort of epidemic today,everyone experiences it from time to time.But sometimes it exacerbates to such an extent that we are unable to lessen it and hunt for a quick way of finding relief.Consider if some of the following could help you at such times:
  1. Scream,shout your pain out at a secluded place.This is incredibly therapeutic.
  2. Punch your pillows.
  3. Tear a newspaper to bits.Vent your anger on it.
  4. Pummel an old rag with your feet. 
  5. Jog,run,do aerobics.This will consume the excess adrenaline released because of overpowering anxiety.
  6. Do some stretching exercises to relieve your muscles which had become taut due to anxiety.
  7. Mow your lawn or hoe the soil in your garden.
  8. Wash your car.
  9. Now that the anxiety has decreased a bit,sit in the midst of nature.Admire the greenery around you.Watch the birds flitting here and there.Listen to their calls.Feel the air as it soothes your skin.Relax,look at the brighter aspects of your life.
The first four tips might look a bit quirky to you-especially those who are straight-laced by nature-but extreme situations require drastic remedies.Anxiety mustn't be allowed to occupy your mind space for long.

The aforementioned tips are only meant for instant relief.You will have to take other measures for a full cure.You can choose from the many initiatives which I have discussed in detail in this post.

When one is in the throes of anxiety one does not feel like moving around or becoming active but this is what increases the anxiety.A lot has been written about the efficacy of exercise for curing anxiety or depression,but many have little faith in it.In order to convince them here is an excerpt from:


"What many people don't yet realize is that daily exercise alone may be powerful enough to drastically reduce your anxiety.Studies have shown time and time again that there is an incredibly strong relationship between anxiety and exercise-one that could tip the scales towards living an anxiety free life."

This same site goes on to enunciate the benefits to be had from exercising regularly.So,begin a healthy routine of exercise and open the door to an anxiety free life.


  1. Walking helps me a lot. The idea is to keep the mind occupied with something different. Shopping helps too :))

  2. Very helpful tips to get rid of anxiety. Listening songs plugging the ear phones helps me a lot.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy. Music is my favorite antidote too

  3. Regular exercising has too many benefits. Too many of us focus on the losing weight part even though its mental benefits are far greater.

    1. Oh yes,exercise has countless benefits.
      Thanks for stopping by PURBA.


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