Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Small Mistake Can Sometimes Bounce Back Badly--All Facts No Fiction

Amit,a young boy of barely 18 yrs of age,was brought to my office by his father.A mere look at him revealed that he was severely depressed.He sat quietly with his head bowed down while his father narrated his problem.

Amits' cousin sister who had been staying with them for the last 10 months,had got married 6 weeks ago but was reluctant to go to her in-laws'house. Amit suggested that they go to their grandfathers' home which was in a nearby city.The girl agreed and they went there.

Over there,his maternal uncle ticked him off for having taken this step.Ever since then he had been like this,sitting mutely,doing nothing.His father took him to a psychiatrist.He had been taking psychiatric medicine for the last 3 weeks but he did not want to continue it since it did not agree with him.

I counselled him as per need but he was neither receptive nor responsive.I could see that he did need medicines to bring him up to near-normal levels before he could take some positive measures to help himself.

I referred him to another psychiatrist in whom I had greater faith.They did not return after that.

At first glance it seems that his impulsive decision to take his cousin to their grandfather' house was the cause of his depression,but his inability to accept genuine criticism too was responsible.He could not handle his family's censure and rebuke.Perhaps his guilt pangs too mortified him.

Life does not cosset anyone and excessive sensitivity or vulnerability is not conducive for health and happiness. 

Follow Up:--

I phoned Amit after about six months.His father came on the line.He told me that the medicine given by the second psychiatrist was on the last legs.He was better and doing good in studies too.He thanked me profusely for my help and thus I closed the case.


  1. How thoughtful of you to followup. More than half of our population needs some sort of help and guidance. Depression and anxiety are far more prevalent than we think.

    1. I wonder if it is something in the air which is spewing so many cases of depression and anxiety!We need to check our lifestyles.
      Thank you for coming by Alka.

  2. Sometimes it is difficult to gauge the actual problem!

  3. Everyone is different. Every cause has different effects on different people.

    Amit's action is one part of the story. But I guess the elderly family members should acted with more caution and sensitivity to Amit's emotions.

    Sadly, emotional needs are least cared for in many societies.

    Glad to see your commitment to follow up with Amit's progress. Not many take that trouble.

  4. You are right, the family elders should have been more considerate of his sentiments.
    Thank you Pradeep


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