Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Luminaries

Some people have all the luck.They are truly blessed.Not a single incongruous note in the lyrical symphony of their lives.I have often looked wistfully at them and wished for a perfect life like theirs.But almost immediately I chastise myself.How do I know what transpired before that star touched the zenith?More importantly,who knows what the future holds for them? After all a high tide cannot stay high for ever,it has to come down.

Why this happens is food for thought.Is it destiny or mere rotation of the wheel of life?It could even be mere negligence or mishandling of lady luck's boons. Attaining an iconic status is not easy.It requires hard work and vision.But even after reaching the pinnacle one's metier has to be safeguarded wisely:from self as well as jealous rivals.

The self is the first wall of defense against a downfall.Many luminaries have come to a sorry end because of their own imperfections. They topple to the ground when their luck runs out.
  Causes of Downfall
Corruption is rampant in our country.From politicians,bureaucrats and big business men to the humble peon,at every level you will come across people who strive to grab more than they are entitled to.The higher the strata the greater the loot.We do not know how many escape unscathed but some,like Suresh Kalmadi,A Raja and Lalu Prasad Yadav are finally caught and sent to jail.What a dire contrast to their earlier,opulent lifestyles!

The immense power which politicians wield propels them to subvert the law and milk their status to rake up as much wealth as they can.Unfortunately,with their cohorts shielding them to the best of their ability,many escape the net and must still be at large..

When someone is recognized as an ace in his calling,he sometimes regards his juniors as lesser beings and exploits them without any compunction. MJ Akbar,a minister in the central government,used his clout to satisfy his carnal desires.He had to resign from his post after intense public humiliation.

There are many,many more of this kind,but why go deeper in this filth?

Illegal Activities

It is not corruption or sexual exploitation alone which can turn a lucky spell into a sorry phase. Some icons break the law nonchalantly,thinking no one would dare to question them. Sanjay Dutt did just that and had to spend many years in jail for buying an illegal weapon from a known terrorist.

An elite family background and powerful connections embed in some people a conviction that they have special rights and privileges and this misperception one day brings them crashing down from their high horse.Remember how Manu Sharma,born in an affluent family with strong political connections,blew it all when he murdered Jessica Lal for refusing to serve him liquor? He was sentenced to life imprisonment after a huge public outcry and media pressure. 

Personal Failings

Having loads of cash in hand is temptation enough for some to splurge it on their pet fancies:profligacy,alcoholism or drug abuse have left many Bollywood actors penniless.How painful it must be,to be reduced to a near beggar like state after having been idolized by millions.

How much does one need to live a comfortable life?There can be no definite answer to this.The higher you go the more zeroes you will add to the figure.But why do those who belong to the top echelons,who are virtually rolling in wealth,deploy questionable tactics to extract more or satisfy illegitimate desires?

In doing this,they even lose the amenities they once enjoyed;well not always-the judicial system being what it is-but the risk is always there.Had they been more ethical,content,and law abiding;they could have enjoyed a longer,more satisfying innings.What's more,they would have been acclaimed for their integrity.But no,insatiable greed overcomes every other consideration.

As Benjamin Franklin said, "It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it."

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  1. I agree and makes me wonder how much more people need that they will abuse innocent or exploit women, twist the system to earn more. I have stopped envying flawlessly rich for we can never know what they have done to reach there, good or bad. Always good to read ur perspective Indu.

    1. Very true Vishal. The common man might be dazzled by an icon's aura but he cannot know how he climbed to those heights.

  2. Deep delving on different facets of life in general and particular.

  3. Welcome to jeeteraho,and thanks a lot for coming down.

  4. An interesting post. Does one become a luminary by chance or by hardworking or by a mixture of both. There may be two people who work equally hard, but one becomes successful. What is the difference? Some call it luck, some call it extra bit but no one is sure. Yes there may be many reasons why a luminary may fall. Can it be corruption, exploitation or personal behavioural traits? Some of these may be addressed through proper technology other would need inculcation of behavioural alteration.

  5. You have raised interesting questions Abhijit. Yes luck does aid hard work but there is another factor which is very much in use these days and that is,powerful connections and the ability to pull strings.
    Do you agree?
    Thanks a lot for giving your views.I truly appreciate this.

  6. Interesting post, Indu ji!
    It is something I too wonder, at times. When I see others apparently enjoying a wonderful, stress-free life, I wonder what they must have done to live such a blessed life. And, why am I suffering in mine? But, instantly, my mind reminds me that not everything that glitters is gold, not all that you see has to be a fact of life. As you said, all the wealth they accumulate, could be as a result of wrongdoings; all the happiness they portray could just be a facade; the "happy and fulfilling life" they supposedly lead could in reality be just a farce. All you need to do is scratch the surface a bit to discover the gory truth about their lives.

    1. Shilpa welcome aboard.You are right when you say that we only see the facade,who knows what is behind it.More importantly,why are they never content?Ultimately they dig their own grave.

      People like you and i are any time better off,living the kind of life we do.

  7. I agree with you , on whatever you have written in first paragraph. I have seen many people's lives, which look perfectly gorgeous outside, the other side, it is equally bad.
    Luck is very important, with hardwork , in my opinion.

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