Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Ebbing Tide

The jabs and jibes
ultimately subside
an ebbing tide
makes one wise

who can give me
sorrow or pain
I only got
what was ordained 

bitterness or rancor
no more pinch
but from future
I sometimes flinch

the road ahead
is not so clear
murky waters
burgeon fears

the future however
was always dim
come what may
I shall win. 


  1. Yes, we shall overcome & we shall win!
    Whether it is coronavirus or life!
    Positive poem :)
    Take care. Be safe.

    1. Thank you my dear,you got the gist!
      You too,keep safe and be happy.

  2. Nice one, appropriate for the current times.
    Nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass.


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