Saturday, May 23, 2020

Now Where Did I Put My Happiness?

I remember very well when I was young,during my school going years,it used to reside in two places-my home and my school.

Then I grew up.The friends left one by one and horror of horrors-even my parents left for their eternal abode.It was difficult to spy my happiness during that time,but my children and grandchildren filled the gap.

By and by they too got caught up with their lives and I had to look for it at close quarters.Where was it near me?I found it in the rush of kitty parties and socialization.

This was satisfying no doubt,but old age pitched in to obstruct the flow.Old age and the quirks of those we socialized with.Going to parties,communicating with them was no longer pure happiness.It was an amalgam of positive and negative emotions.

Anyhow,I prodded myself to evolve and be more accepting.But where was my happiness?I had misplaced it again.

Intensive introspection revealed that if I wanted it to remain always with me I had to look for it within me,to latch it on to my thoughts and activities-activities which did not require external support.

So friends,I picked up occupations which give me optimum satisfaction and adhered to them.Thankfully I have a plethora of hobbies-things which keep me usefully occupied and also grant a sense of achievement.In the ultimate analysis it is best to be self reliant,to peg your happiness to your own self.The externals dissipate one by one.Keep it where it cannot be stolen.


  1. Very true, Indu. We need to find our happiness within ourselves or around us. No one gives happiness to us. Very good post.

  2. Be Atmanirbhar for own happiness.
    Happiness is within! :)

  3. I liked your post and the title,where did i put my happiness - they say Happiness is an inside job, Happiness is a choice and Happiness is a decision, so no matter what happens I make a decision to be happy and move with learnings and lessons life has offered.

    1. Thanks a lot Genevive,you are welcome to jeeteraho.I am glad you liked my post.


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