Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jeete raho-"JEETERAHO"

Hi everybody. I am back after a longish hiatus.One year has passed since i started posting on this blog. How far my blog posts have helped my readers i cannot say. But they sure have helped me to evolve as an individual. They satiated my hunger to do something creative & to be of use to my fellow-beings. I have gained immense satisfaction from this activity during the past one year. 
How far i have succeeded in my mission to avert suicides & help those going through difficult times----only you all can tell. I hope you will enlighten me on this score. Let me also know how i can improve upon my efforts. Is there anything important that i am missing ? Do you disagree with my views somewhere ? Let us have a discussion on these issues.
And oh ! don't forget to wish "HAPPY BIRTHDAY " to my blog !!!

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