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How to Preclude #Mental Disorders

Mental and physical health are inextricably linked.Negligence of one can also cause problems in the other.We take good care of our physical health but mental health is the proverbial elephant in the room,even though mental diseases cause no less pain and suffering.In fact mental disorders can be highly pernicious for the patient as well as those who live with him.They certainly deserve more attention.

A serious problem containing within it the genesis of a mental disease could arrive from nowhere and take us aback.Whether we succumb to it or sail across depends upon many factors, but there are certain things which we can do in order to preclude a mental disorder.Those who lead a healthy lifestyle and connect to the people around them have better chances of escaping scratch-free,because this not only builds up their resilience,but also provides them with dependable support systems.

In order to achieve this:--
1:Nurture Your Relationships
I think the greatest bulwark you can build against mental disorders is a network of good relationships.The care and concern of a dear person can mitigate a lot of stress.A well-wisher will be the first person to notice that something is amiss with you,maybe even before you admit it to yourself.S/he will help you to sort out your problems;and if your anxiety is severe,even cajole you to consult a doctor.You don't feel alone and helpless when you are surrounded by people who love you.In fact a mere hug or a smile is often enough to rescue one from the dumps.There are innumerable ways in which strong relationships can pull anyone away from the brink of mental illness.

Despite having plenty of friends and relatives, we sometimes desist from telling them about what is troubling us because we do not want to distress them.Worries and fears,if cooped up for long,can devolve into a Generalized Anxiety Disorder.Therefore,communicate with your dear ones,talk about that which has shaken your equilibrium,and protect yourself from the tentacles of anxiety or depression.If the matter is such that you cannot confide in a known person then go to a professional.

3:Keep Emotional Hypersensitivity In Check
This personality trait can cause stress and depression.Highly sensitive people are caring and empathetic;but they are more vulnerable to stress and negativity,as the quote below states:--

"Anxiety,stress,and depression are illnesses that commonly affect people with emotional hypersensitivity.Because they feel too much,worry too much and focus on things that others ignore,this "gift" (as some consider it to be)can turn into the person's worst enemy."

4:Leave The Bitter Baggage Behind
Relationships break,and it is often hard to accept rejection or deception.People can be callous,selfish,mean,abusive,treacherous and exploitative.Who would not be hurt by such behavior?But dwelling extensively on depressive memories is not good for health and happiness.It will even swallow up the good that is happening in your life.Leave the past behind and move on.

The best way to beat stress
5:Focus On The Positives
We cannot expect life to be a smooth ride all the way.Disappointments and disruptions sadden everyone, but if we also keep in mind,the positive features of our lives at such moments,we will not be overcome by depression.A belief that whatever happens,happens for the best,dispels gloom.

6:Be Active,don't brood
Staying active is a virtual barrier against mental disorders.Activity not only suppresses negative thoughts,it also mops up the surplus amounts of negative hormones like adrenaline and cortisol,which surge whenever we are tense,afraid or worried.Rumination,on the other hand, leads to anxiety and depression.

While being active is a good way of chasing away the blues,exercising is even recommended as a cure for minor to moderate depression and anxiety.It calms the mind by releasing feel-good chemicals and mood elevators like serotonin,dopamine and endorphins. Regular exercise lifts depression.It will also empower you to face your troubles chin up. 

8:Enjoy Some Me Time Every Day
The day's work saps physical and mental energy.Carving out a niche in the day's routine to do what pleases you most will reduce your fatigue and recharge you for the next schedule.It could be anything from taking a nap,reading a book,listening to music,watching TV,doing some creative work,playing with your pet,or simply relaxing in the lap of nature.Toiling relentlessly creates discontent and resentment,which can be neutralized by a slot of me-time.

9:Note the danger signals
Tragedies and losses hit us hard and also result in certain changes in the way we way we eat sleep,work and communicate with others.It is important to notice the danger signals which could signify that we are nearing the edge of a mental disorder.Not being able to sleep,restlessness,hopelessness,self-harm and retreating into a shell could denote that we are bending under pressure.It is best to seek help at such moments.

10:Keep Away From Substance Abuse
A don't,after so many do's!Steer clear from alcohol and addictive drugs.

"Chronic use of some drugs can lead to both short-term and long-term changes in the brain,which can lead to mental health issues including paranoia,depression,anxiety,aggression,hallucinations and other problems."

We live in difficult times.The benchmarks for a successful life are being raised every day.We run helter-skelter to do our best and be better than the rest.In this process we amass a lot of stress,and strain our energies to the maximum.This has a deleterious effect on our mental health.The onus to decide what we want to achieve at which cost lies entirely on us,but prevention is better than cure.

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  1. Very good points. Even people who haven't been diagnosed with mental illness can follow your advice to lead a wholesome life.

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