Thursday, June 7, 2018

#Depression and Anxiety:Early Detection Facilitates Early Alleviation

Depression:we often use this word casually when we are disturbed,disappointed,worried or lonely.But when this state actually ensnares us we fail to recognize it,or acknowledge it's existence.To some extent this is natural,because there is often a gradual transmission from despondence to depression.

But the onset of depression is preceded by a host of physiological and psychological changes which could presage depression or anxiety.Early recognition of those red flags will empower a person to take charge of the situation and get out of that rut.If he is unable to do this at his own level,he can seek the help of a professional;but it is important to be aware of the portents.Let us look at some of them:
                The Red Flags
  1. A person beleaguered by depression is sad most of the time.
  2. He does not talk.If addressed,he will reply in monosyllables.
  3. He does not like to meet people.
  4. Neglects his daily routine like brushing his teeth,taking a bath,wearing clean clothes etc.
  5. Level of activity decreases sharply,does not want to do anything.Even activities which he used to enjoy,no longer engage him.
  6. Complains of weakness.
  7. Sleep is disturbed.
  8. There is a lot of suppressed anger.Becomes irritable and easily incitable.
  9. May even become violent.
  10. Becomes very pessimistic and sees no good in life.
  11. Eating habits change.Either he will have no appetite,eat very little,or gorge.
              A Word of Caution

The symptoms listed above are not unusual,we all experience many of them from time to time. But if someone experiences at least three of these symptoms persistently for more than two weeks,then there is cause for concern.Being alert to the possibility of things going from bad to worse can be a game-changer.It will motivate that person to do all he can to turn the tide. 


  1. Ya, Depression is such a common word...but still people hesitate to get proper guidance.

    1. Yes Ranjana there is a lot of stigma attached to the real thing.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Indu. Indeed, depression is something we all must watch out for.

    1. The way it is increasing is quite worrisome.
      Thank you Rachna.

  3. Today people use the word depression so lightly..whereas it has serious repercussions..and this materialism and living without values is spreading it more.

  4. I can related to many symptoms my younger daughter shows. Thank you for sharing.

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