Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Bitter Truth

To tell you the truth
I have no hometown
There used to be one
My heaven on earth
A safe cocoon
A warm embrace

I grew up assimilating 
It's different vibes
Never knew that life 
Also has a flip side
Which revealed itself
When I left it's side.

I went to it again and again
To recover lost treasures
And be my old self again
Like all good things
This too came to an end.

What is a hometown
without a home
And what is a home 
Without those loving souls
What used to be my hometown
Is now a deserted town.


  1. Oh! Very moving, Induji.
    That's the unfortunate truth. Homes and loved ones are no more...

  2. Thanks Anita, your clue inspired me.

  3. Beautiful poem. But sad truth.

    1. Yes SG,very sad.No matter how old one grows,that childhood home and the memories of one's parents conjure sad thoughts.

  4. It’s time ...
    What is today will not be there tomorrow so in fact this world is RENBASERA


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