Sunday, November 20, 2022


 Pampering as we all know,implies taking excellent care of someone and providing all that he or she needs.No doubt it is a very kindly service.But take it a bit far and it could turn into cosseting or mollycoddling,which is inimical for the rcipient as well as the doer.But how and where to draw the line?

Newborn babies or infants do need to be pampered but as and when they can accomplish small tasks,the caretakers should recede accordingly.Rather they should encourage initiative and selfreliance in them.Undue pampering can make them lazy,arrogant and demanding.Cosseted children are unable to shoulder their responsibilities,make way for themselves or face failure when they grow up.

Like infants,the ill,old,feeble,or those traumatised also deserve to be pampered.But even they should be motivated to pick up the reins if and when possible.Unnecessarily waiting bound hand-and-foot on them will in fact make them more feeble and despondent.If they give up all efforts to look to their daily necessities they will also age more rapidly.

Excessive pampering is not only bad for the receiver but also for the doer.It makes them gullible and exposes them to exploitation too.Predators will soon spot them and dupe them to achieve their ends.

Being kind and compassionate is fine,but overdoing it is harmful for both parties.

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