Saturday, December 17, 2022

Personalities and Principles

 Yesterday I and my BH hired an auto to go to the mall.As we were passing by a long flyover I noticed that all the spans underneath were chock-full of two-wheelers,motorcycles mostly.I drew my husband's attention towards it but before he could even look at it our driver came out with a startling comment.He  blurted"Today people are killing themselves with sky-high aspirations.This generation is different from the older one; it has no respect or consideration  for human beings.Money is all that matters to them."

I was totally flabbergasted to hear these words coming from the mouth of a youngster-as well dressed and uptodate as any other youth we see around us.I could never have expected him to harbor such sentiments.The whole incident seemed  oxymoronic to us.

But upon thinking more about this incident I realized that people can have qualities which their looks or personalities do not portray.Then how fair is it to judge a human being after a single association?

But we are always doing it aren't we?Mostly it is quite fruitful. It tells us which one to befriend and which one to avoid. A kind of defence mechanism. But at the same time we should take care to prevent our prejudices from controlling us.What do you  think?



  1. I think the same way as you do. My viewpoint is also the same in this context.

  2. There's a tremendous change in attitudes now, no doubt. But that does not mean goodness has vanished from the younger generation.

  3. Yes Tomichan you are absolutely right.Thanks.

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