Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Lots of Time But Nothing To Do?

The above title may seem contradictory to many but there ARE segments which are absolutely clueless as to what they should do to kill their waking hours.Nothing invigorates them.There is no goal which they would like to achieve. Every day is a saga of boredom, lassitude and fruitless passage of hours.

No one can be happy with this kind of life.Nor are they.If this persists for weeks or months it will precipitate poor Physical and Mental health. It's not easy to get out of this clutch,but trying consciously and persistently will give good results.The tips given below can help you. 


As you get up in the morning take time to plan the day's activities.Plan your meal times as well as your sleeping  and siesta times.A time schedule in front of you will compel you to beat lethargy.Select from the suggestions coming next,start with whatever appeals to you most and get cracking.


One must have some kind of occupation to beat lethargy.Try something which you can do easily and which will be useful too.Rummage through your wardrobe.Your current indolence has probably left it in shambles.Pick up the clothes you don't wear,which  have become old and bedraggled.Keep them in a bag to be given away.Arrange the remaining ones according to the season-winter wear and summer wear on separate shelves.Fancy outfits and daily wear too on separate shelves 

Even footwear deserves attention.We usually use a few comfortable shoes and slipons,leaving the rest to gather dust and become stiff and unusable.Why not give the spurious ones to needy persons?

Another task which demands a lot of time is the sorting of old letters,papers and documents.When we feel lazy we leave such things lying here and there.Many obsolete papers come in the way when we try to find an important document.Filing the important papers at proper places and discarding the useless ones will make life so much easier.


Did this activity stress you?How about a diversion?Pursue an old hobby in order to relax.Trying a new one which requires mental work like puzzles is also a good idea.Working out a puzzle supresses negative thoughts which often beset us during idle hours.Playing games too is a good exercise for the brain.Another engrossing activity is sketching,drawing or painting.You don't have to be an artist in order to try this.Keep a flower vase in front of you and try to draw it's image.A more strenuous hobby is gardening.It will subsume negative hormones like cortisole and adrenalin,happy and relaxed.

Reaching Out

This is a very fruitful way of passing time.See what your family members are doing.Chat with them.Or get out of your home and accost someone.Ask about his well-being,talk about the weather-anything.Contact someone with whom you have lost touch on phone.


Self-care is essential for the maintenance of good health and a becoming personality.To begin with resolve to take nutritious diet at every meal and miss none.Include exercise in your daily routine.It will keep your joints supple and also improve blood circulation.Oil massage also helps.


At the end of the day recapitulate how you spent your waking hours.Are you improving every day?If your routine was not so good how will you improve it?Also set a target for the next day.A goal will provide the impetus for an enthusiastic start of the next day.

These tips are easy to follow.They will start you on the road to a more active ,healthy and happy life.All the best.


  1. Extremely useful, practical and doable tips. Very good read 🙂.

  2. Good and practical suggestions. What i feel is that people should have some passions to drive them. Then time will never be enough.


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