Saturday, December 21, 2019

Feeling Edgy?Avoid this...

No matter how well adjusted or balanced we are,there are times when we feel so agitated that we wish to be left alone to sit and mope.It is not a bad idea too.Sitting quietly,away from the hum-drum of life enables us to thrash out our problems,find solutions and gain control over our emotions.The last bit-gaining control over emotions,is extremely important because if the mind is swirling with pain,rage,hostility,jealousy or remorse we cannot behave normally or choose the best course of action.

What to do When anxiety becomes too overpowering has been discussed many a times in this blog,but this post is about what not to do when you are feeling low.The pointers given below will save you from doing anything you could regret later:

  • Avoid company to eliminate the chances of sniping at others or simply cutting them off.
  • It is natural to misunderstand others when you are feeling sad or touchy.Even simple remarks can be construed as jibes.Someone's attempt to give you space or respect your privacy can be taken as neglect or avoidance.Therefore don't make hasty judgments when you are at the end of your tether,you are likely to form erroneous opinions about people and events.This will naturally impair your relationships.
  • If you are feeling mad at someone curb the instinct to blurt out your feelings without wasting any time.You may repent it after you have had time to reconstruct that incident.A better option would be to analyse the genesis of that fiasco.
  • Don't make any hasty decisions when you are totally pooped out.Wait till you are more balanced before chalking out your next course of action.Emotions tend to cloud reason.
  • Avoid rash actions which could endanger you, like rash driving,suicidal attempts,substance abuse or binge eating.The last two only give temporary respite and do not mend the situation.Going out and having it out with an adversary too is not a good idea.
  • If possible,postpone  tasks which are too taxing and not urgent.
  • Sit down at a secluded place and focus on your problem.Try to pinpoint why you are so perturbed.Is the matter really that grave or are you making a mountain of a molehill?
Living through a taxing phase is difficult enough without us aggravating it through impulsive,irrational behavior.Therefore it is best to avoid social interactions and major decisions when one is in the throes of inner turmoil.Allowing time to pass promotes clarity and sagacity.Then is the right time to take corrective action and move forward.

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  1. Hi Indu,
    Very relevant issue. Good insights into what can be done to tackle it. I think that point about not doing anything rashly is quite pertinent.

    1. Thanks a lot Pradeep,happy to read your reply as always.

  2. Valid points, Indu ji.
    When we are feeling blue, and know not what to do, sometimes talking to loved ones may give us some clue.
    Depression and suicides occur when people feel cut off & falsely believe they have no one to talk to. Their loved ones may have given them space, but the result may be sad...
    There has to be a balance. It's tough to decide- How much space can we allow?

    1. You said it Anita,and very effectively too.Thanks.

  3. Some good pointers there! So agree with Anita about the needed space and the need for a loved one to be on your side.


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